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About Us

About Us

Welcome to “”

You don't build a business, you build trust, you build people.

What do we do? 


We build simple solutions for complex situations, be it long work day, job commitments, tedious work we are there to make your both ends meat, we are dedicated to giving you the very best online experience by providing fresh and halal meat at affordable prices.

We mainly focus on six characteristics, 

Fair Pricing

We serve only HALAL

Freshness & Tenderness

Customer service


Build Trust founded in 2020 by Zafar Hydry a food enthusiast who has 7 years’ experience in procurement supply chain management, has come a long way from its beginnings in a small underground cellar in Hyderabad,

when we first started out, our passion is to inspire to bring people to do business from home online and bring best quality Grocery products to middle class families at an affordable price.

How We Do It?

When inspiration meets challenge here is what we got:

“A customer is a customer of another. We are determined to make a difference to the life cycle of sellers & buyers by opening a huge market place for Non Veg products like Meat, Fish & Seafood. A customer might be a seller or buyer and vice versa, we built a platform where all are united to one platform for easy transactions by displaying their products through vendor registration.

We select the finest and Halal meat and cut into pieces as per the standard, the quality of meat depends on how fresh it is after it was prepared. 

The meat, chicken and fish products are cut as per the required recipes like Biryani cut, Curry cut, Boneless, with Bone, Keema, Chops etc 

We handle meat with best safety standards and make sure our staff wear masks and gloves before touching processing meat.

We process meat in clean and hygienic place, wash as per SOP’s, Clean as per SOP’s and pack as per our procedures.

We take utmost care in using the Cutting tools for meat fish and poultry, we sterilize clean cutting and chopping tools to be ready for next Job.

We follow every guideline and take all steps to make our employee safe, work safe and be in safe environment.

Our Vision:

“Our passion to serve a customer with a gesture of kindness”

Our Mission:

Bring the best to the customer with an affordable price and let the buyer and seller benefit with niche markets across north and south, east and west of India.

We adopt the model of fair pricing and fair practices by considering, customer satisfaction without compromising in quality.

Our goal is to give our clients the best satisfaction as far as service, range, and value, which assembles a solid trust and loyalty.

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